Bush upset with Gonzales over prosecutors issue

Of course he is upset.  How could Gonzales be so careless as to get caught?  My opinion is that Bush let everyone know that those kind of people were not acceptable in his Justice department.

By the way those kind of people won that contest. Jerry McNerney made congressional history as he became the only candidate in California to defeat an incumbent and the only candidate in the United States to defeat a sitting House committee chairman. Congressman McNerney is now serving in his first term in the House of Representatives.

So Bush’s slimy congregation staff went ahead and got rid of some attorneys that were not supporting important components of the Bush agenda.  And now they got caught.  What do you think will happen?  I think that nothing will happen.  This will be news until the next scandal is uncovered and then it will fade away.  Oh, it is possible that Gonzales may have to take the hit on this, but don’t you worry about him,  he will get a plush job for some conservative group and be set for life.

You think not?  Take a look at previous conservative scandals.  Remember the largest political scandal in the United States during the 1980s, Iran-Contra?   Remember Oliver North?  He is still courted and supported by conservatives.  You will find him on the Fox network and is well financed.  His scandal benefited him more than hurt him.  Expect the same if Gonzales has to go.


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