More than just an Opinion

For those of you that are doubters of science, evolution, global climate disruption, and the power of money.

Do you doubt science?  Then what the heck are you doing on the Internet?  Why do you use the telephone, watch television, drive cars and use technology?   Get out your lamb skins and make marks on them and pass that around instead.  Why aren’t you consulting chicken entrails instead of going to the doctor?  If you really doubt science and lived without science and did well, then I might be inclined to listen to your side of the issue.  But since you don’t live that way, the rest of us have a firm understanding that you Speak Out Stupid!

Do you doubt evolution?  Well in your case I am inclined to think that you definitely are not the product of evolution.  You are just as ignorant of the world as a ball of slimy algae in the swamp.  Evolution certainly seems to have passed you by completely.  Also, neither education, common sense, or  any of the sciences has made much of an impression on you.  Shake your magic beads, drink your magic potion, rattle your magic bones and listen to the voices in your head,  but please don’t repeat that drivel to me, because I know that you Speak Out Stupid.

Do you doubt that humans are having a negative impact on our planet and that all of the crud we fling into the atmosphere is affecting our climate?  Well good for you!  You are about as dumb as a sea slug.  The good news is that it really doesn’t matter, because after humans die off then in a short geologic time span the good old earth will recover from us.  Perhaps the insects, sea slugs and-or whatever that survive will be better custodians than we have been.  Do I think that we will die off?  I think the odds of that are pretty good just as long as you continue to Speak Out Stupid.

Do you doubt the power of money?  Well then perhaps you should read this article by Matt Taibbi columnist for that was posted February 20, 2007.  The article is the result of an email from a guy in Senator Bernie Sanders office.  In it Matt highlights some of the winners and losers of Bush’s budget if the Estate Tax were to be repealed completely.  An excerpt: 

Sanders’s office came up with some interesting numbers here. If the Estate Tax were to be repealed completely, the estimated savings to just one family — the Walton family, the heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune — would be about $32.7 billion dollars over the next ten years.

The proposed reductions to Medicaid over the same time frame? $28 billion.

Or how about this: if the Estate Tax goes, the heirs to the Mars candy corporation — some of the world’s evilest scumbags, incidentally, routinely ripped by human rights organizations for trafficking in child labor to work cocoa farms in places like Cote D’Ivoire — if the estate tax goes, those assholes will receive about $11.7 billion in tax breaks. That’s more than three times the amount Bush wants to cut from the VA budget ($3.4 billion) over the same time period.

Some other notable estimate estate tax breaks, versus corresponding cuts:

  • Cox family (Cox cable TV) receives $9.7 billion tax break while education would get $1.5 billion in cuts
  • Nordstrom family (Nordstrom dept. stores) receives $826.5 million tax break while Community Service Block Grants would be eliminated, a $630 million cut
  • Ernest Gallo family (shitty wines) receives a $468.4 million cut while LIHEAP (heating oil to poor) would get a $420 million cut

Source: AlterNet: Maybe We Deserve to Be Ripped Off By Bush’s Billionaires


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