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Recommended: Fox News Changes Wikipedia To Smear Rivals

August 15, 2007

We went ahead and took a look at other changes to Wikipedia allegedly made by the people from the Fox News offices – the changes originating from IP address ““. (Here’s the DNS lookup for We’ve done the legwork of poring through all the edits and published a comprehensive list below, omitting corrections of minor errors and clarifications of fact, i.e., the innocuous. The following below are clearly anything but, however.

My sister commented to me about this post: “they don’t need to burn books when we have Wikipedia…..”


Recommended: There are no marching morons

May 8, 2007

I detest “The Marching Morons.”

Bova gives an accurate summary; it’s also the primary plot point of the movie Idiocracy. It’s also the premise behind eugenics and behind a lot of right-wing phony elitism. It’s wrong. It was a very popular story, but the reason isn’t complimentary: it fed into a strain of self-serving smugness in science-fiction fandom, the idea that people who read SF are special and brilliant and superior, we are the technological geniuses and far-seeing futurists, while the mundanes leech off our vision. The eugenics movement built on the same us-vs.-them mentality, that there are superiors and inferiors, and the inferiors breed like cockroaches.

Source: Pharyngula: There are no marching morons

This is a great post.  There is little I can add to it except give it high praise.  Thanks PZ.

Recommended: Don’t Be Fooled by Propaganda

May 5, 2007


There is an ongoing slander campaign against Islam, claiming that it is a religion that promotes violence and hinting that it seeks world conquest.

Before you buy the malarkey that is being produced by people with their own agendas or prejudices or who are just plain ignoramuses, follow these few suggestions:

Source: Don’t Be Fooled by Propaganda by Charley Reese

Recommended: Pharyngula: I like ‘framing’ less and less; why are scientists the targets?

April 25, 2007


Link to Pharyngula: I like ‘framing’ less and less; why are scientists the targets?

Recommended: Excerpt from Where Have All the Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacocca – Leadershop @

April 25, 2007


Link to Excerpt from Where Have All the Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacocca – Leadershop @

Recommended: Disgusted Beyond Belief: My Views on Abortion

April 25, 2007

The real world experience of a family.

Source: Disgusted Beyond Belief: My Views on Abortion