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I Have Seen Evil

October 26, 2008

Long have I lived and long have I watched
the evil we do to one another
The images of bodies stacked in massed graves
lifeless, shrunken and mutilated
Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and countless others
the evils of the Holocaust.

Americans rounded up and imprisoned
not for any reason other than their
Japanese heritage
their homes and businesses cruelly confiscated
their lives and happiness cruelly interrupted
A purely modern American Holocaust.

Assassinations of fine wonderful Americans
Martin, Bobby and John
not music to my ears, incredible losses, slain
because they sought a common freedom for all
deprived of their achievements
our nation’s ethos has shriveled and shrunk.

War upon war, the art of killing and maiming
honed to a fine art by our uncaring nation
And now despotism and idiocy have risen
and we are led by those who care naught
for any but themselves, speak not the truth
they plot, spy and torture foreigners and citizens alike.

Yes, I have seen evil spread like a disease
its image exemplified by our decider “W”
today attacking yet another nation,
Syria, for his own pleasure and reward
This current evil now unleashed, I fear will long continue
and I, sadly, may never ever see the end of it.