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The first of Sarah Palin’s “Targets”, shot in Arizona

January 8, 2011

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in Arizona, was on Palin’s infamous "target" map.



I am quite sure that we will hear all sorts of denials from Sarah Palin and her supporters, they have refused to recognize reality and the truth before, so I hardly expect them to accept responsibility for this.

The congressmen and congresswomen “Targeted” by Sarah Palin and her Tea Party supporters need to be considered as heroes for the danger they face from Sarah’s deliberate encouragement of terrorism.

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Don’t be confused, these evil bastards are out to get you next

January 7, 2011

Unconstitutional Bill Introduced As Members Recite The Constitution In Pledge To Uphold It


I am convinced that these scum sucking, low life, criminals recently elected to our nation’s congress will be after you and me the first chance they get.

These depraved beings have no knowledge of the America I grew up in. The America that had a heart and a soul and believed in freedom.  Not these heartless cowardly putrid foul minded want-to-be dictators.  They hate anyone, you, me, Latinos, gays, blacks, liberals, and everyone that disagrees with them.  Do not think that they will stop once they are successful in removing citizenship from one group of people they hate.  Then they will pursue their next target. Me perhaps, maybe you, perhaps anyone that does not pledge support to their policies.  I don’t know who, but I can assure you that people with the kind of diabolical thinking that leads them to this action will not be content with stopping there.


June 10, 2009


Lawyers for a Catholic advocacy group that sued San Francisco for condemning the Vatican’s policy on same-sex adoptions are comparing the city’s supervisors to Nazis laying the groundwork for the slaughter of Jews.    San Francisco Sentinel


The Catholic Church knows a lot about the Nazis since their church led by their Pope at the time, Pious XII, did nothing to prevent, halt or mitigate  the holocaust that cost the lives of six million Jewish people.   The Catholic Church did not mind a bit that men, women and children of all ages were brutalized and murdered by the Nazis.   The Catholic Church simply saw this as an opportunity to eradicate the Jewish people and an competing religion.  In fact there is strong evidence to demonstrate that the Catholic Church cooperated with the Nazis.   More so, the current Pope, Benedict XVI himself joined the Hitler Youth.   Yup, the Catholic Church knows a lot about the Nazis.

The Catholic Church, protectors and encouragers of pedophiles, now want to prevent loving and caring individuals from adopting and rearing children.  Why?  The gender of these adoptive parents is not the real issue.  The real reason is that too many of these adoptive parents are of an opposing religion or no religion at all.   Thus, having those children reared by loving and caring non-Catholics would result in fewer Catholics in the world.   Fewer Catholics will dramatically reduce the Catholic Church’s income.  And let no one forget how important income is to all religions because money is how religions count souls.

Another Sick, Twisted and Evil Legal Mind in Support of Torture

April 29, 2008

“That’s my view. And it happens to be correct.”


Antonin Scalia: Torture Is Not “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”

And Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has publicly claimed that the torture of prisoners does not violate the Eighth Amendment’s ban on “cruel and unusual punishment.” Scalia’s comment came during an interview with Lesley Stahl on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Justice Scalia: I don’t like torture. I’m—although defining it is going to be a nice trick. But, I mean, who’s in favor of it? Nobody. And we have a law against torture. But if the—everything that is hateful and odious is not covered by some provision of the Constitution.

Lesley Stahl: If someone’s in custody, as in Abu Ghraib, and they are brutalized by a law enforcement person, if you listen to the expression, ‘cruel and unusual punishment,’ doesn’t that apply?

Justice Scalia: “No, no.”

Stahl: “Cruel and unusual punishment?”

Justice Scalia: “To the contrary. You think—you think that you would—has anybody ever referred to torture as punishment? I don’t think so.”

Stahl: “Well, I think if you’re in custody and you have a policeman who’s taken you into custody—”

Justice Scalia: “And you say he’s punishing you?”

Stahl: “Sure.”

Justice Scalia: “What’s he punishing you for? You punish somebody—”

Stahl: “Well, because he assumes you, one, either committed a crime—”

Justice Scalia: “No, no.”

Stahl: “—or that you know something that he wants to know.”

Justice Scalia: “It’s the latter. And when he’s—when he’s—when he’s hurting you in order to get information from you—”

Stahl: “Yeah.”

Justice Scalia: “—you don’t say he’s punishing you. What’s he punishing you for? He’s trying to extract—”

Stahl: “Because he thinks you’re a terrorist, and he’s going to beat the you-know-what out of you.”

Justice Scalia: “Anyway, that’s my view. And it happens to be correct.”

Democracy Now! | Headlines for April 29, 2008


Well America, you have just been puked on and butt fucked  by a member of the highest court in the land. And you are all worried sick about immigrants? Please get your priorities straight, the Scalia’s and their ilk are the people that will ruin this country for our children.

US: CIA tapes issue not for courts

December 16, 2007

The Justice Department on Friday urged the federal courts to stay out of the current controversy over the CIA’s public admission that it has destroyed videotapes of aggressive interrogations of terrorist suspects.

“In light of the current inquiries by the political branches into the destruction of the tapes…, it would not be appropriate to institute a judicial inquiry,” the Department told U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy of Washington, D.C.  Such an inquiry is not “needed at all,” it said.      SCOTUSblog

Here is some more Fascism 101.  Bush “The Torturer” desperately wants he and his fascist minions to never have to answer for their criminal acts.  He and they know that they are well on they way to accomplishing this if they can keep it out of the U.S. Court system.  When are the decent people in the Republican and Democratic parties going to stop this evil criminal want-to-be dictator and his ilk?  Folks, don’t for a minute think that all this is going away when Bush “The Torturer” leaves office.  This struggle against he and his kind will continue, mainly because for the past many years too many Americans have been willing to look the other way.

Bush administration pushes for control of promotions of military lawyers

December 16, 2007

The Bush administration is pushing to take control of the promotions of military lawyers, escalating a conflict over the independence of uniformed attorneys who have repeatedly raised objections to the White House’s policies toward prisoners in the war on terrorism.       The Boston Globe

The fascist approach to governing the American public remains the underlying philosophy of Bush “The Torturer” and his minions.  This is hardly the politics of the Republican party I grew up with.  Where the hell did these people learn to think like this?   Certainly they did not acquire this evil mind set in the liberal educational system that conservatives have been grousing about since I was a child. 

My suspicion is they learned it in their religious institutions.  Religious organizations are perfect examples of fascism at work.   They are a totally top down military hierarchy.  The people in charge actually control everything.  They will oust anyone within the organization that challenges their authority.  In the olden days the ousted person could easily end up dead.  The leaders are a bit more subtle than that these days, but the effect is largely the same.

Contract Murderers

October 30, 2007

The Pentagon and U.S. State Department have agreed to tighten rules governing private security contractors in Iraq, giving a greater oversight role to the U.S. military, officials said on Tuesday.

U.S. to tighten rules for Iraq contractors – Yahoo! News

The Bush administration has decided that its legions of hired killers need to be much more aware of the negative publicity their bloodlust can engender.  Their leader was probably told; “What the hell is wrong with your people!  You know that they can’t run around killing people just because it is so much fun.  It looks bad on the evening news!”

The administration most likely has determined that the U. S. Military is overly restricted by rules and regulations that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and company have figured out how to avoid.  Just go out and hire your own killers.   Besides, that way they will get the best killers around because they will not be hampered by the silly little salaries we pay our military.

For most of his war, the Defense Department under Bush refused to provide the finances to properly arm and protect our soldiers, but Bush had no problem spending huge sums of our taxes hiring these killers.   Oh, and by the way, Iraq is not the only place they were hired to kill guard .

It Looks like history is repeating itself.

October 11, 2007


Good News for American Fascists!!

U. S. Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal in CIA torture case

A German citizen who says he was kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured overseas by the CIA lost his appeal on Tuesday when the Supreme Court refused to review a decision dismissing the case because it would expose state secrets.     Reuters

Fascists all over the world and especially those here in the United States are celebrating the “decision” of the Bush packed neo-fascist Supreme Court to hear the appeal of Khaled el-Masri, a German of Lebanese descent.   The cowardly members of the court unanimously agreed to allow Bush to continue with the degradation, murder, maiming and torture of whomever he and his minions choose to.

Beware folks, soon they will come for us.   Apparently, someone came for the Supreme Court because not a one of them spoke out against this.  I wonder why!   No, I don’t wonder.  But I can guess that they all were approached by Bush’s mafia and cautioned about the consequences of opposing the “State Secrets Privilege“. (More about State Secrets)

In my mind anyone with a secret is hiding something that will embarrass or more likely will indict them with a crime.  When the government does it, I immediately  know that a serious crime has been committed.  If I am to believe otherwise, then the government must prove otherwise.  Especially, this administration which has repeated invoked the use of the States Secrets Privilege.  If you do not believe that is fascism, then check out the official definition.