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I Wish I Could Agree With This

June 29, 2007

A Seattle parent who battled the school district over its racial balancing policy says she feels vindicated by the today’s Supreme Court decision.

Kathleen Brose is president of “Parents Involved in Community Schools.”

She says she’s relieved the seven-year dispute was settled in her favor.

She says she felt the lawsuit was something she had to do after her daughter was rejected from her top three choices for high school partly because she is white.

Source: Seattle parent ‘vindicated’ by Supreme Court school ruling

I look at this very differently.  The fascist Bush Supreme Court has determined to reinstate segregation.  Not all at once, but a little at a time.  These people are no longer Republicans or even Conservatives.  The bigots, racists, elitists and fascists have taken over the Party of Lincoln.  It no longer is a political party that decent people can respect.  Now that they have packed the Supreme Court with their kind of jurists, America can look forward to a series of decisions that will move the entire fabric of our county toward the evil ruthless society we saw in Europe in the 30’s and 40’s.

People of color, atheists, the indigenous peoples of our country, Latinos, non-Christians and Middle Eastern people already are repeatedly targeted by the media, the courts, the White House and Republican Candidates for President, for “special treatment”.  But this is not very special in the eyes of the recipients.  Instead it is painfully obvious that they are being punished for being different than those in power.

So now what? Race could be out as a factor in assigning students to public schools, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday, leaving educators to ponder less reliable alternatives for creating racially diverse classrooms. School districts can still place students according to family income, academic achievement or even neighborhood poverty rates—all assumed to bear at least some correlation with race. But where that’s been tried, it has rarely resulted in integrated schools. And to the extent these alternatives are meant as proxies for race, they could still be vulnerable to constitutional attack.

Source: Can Schools Still Achieve Diversity?

So all these neo-fascists want a system that is “fair and un-biased” (ignoring 300 years of bias that brought us here) so I have a solution.  It is mathematical and totally un-biased.   

Have the National Science Foundation devise a random number formula using the year ending Dow average, the year ending estimated population of the US. and other random factors, that will generate two values: 1) A number to identify a specific school.  2) A number to identify a specific student.  

Then the next school year that student attends that school – no exceptions – parents, schools, teachers, students and governments will simply have to deal with the fairness of it all.  To assure that there is no bias built into this system, every year every student gets reassigned according to the results of that years formula.  And the federal government would foot the cost for transportation of the students.

In fact this is so fair that no one will support it.

This might also be a good technique for selecting our government leaders.  It would also mean we would not have to listen to all of the political noise we are subjected to daily in this country.   Nah, no one will buy that either.