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The first of Sarah Palin’s “Targets”, shot in Arizona

January 8, 2011

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in Arizona, was on Palin’s infamous "target" map.



I am quite sure that we will hear all sorts of denials from Sarah Palin and her supporters, they have refused to recognize reality and the truth before, so I hardly expect them to accept responsibility for this.

The congressmen and congresswomen “Targeted” by Sarah Palin and her Tea Party supporters need to be considered as heroes for the danger they face from Sarah’s deliberate encouragement of terrorism.

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Don’t be confused, these evil bastards are out to get you next

January 7, 2011

Unconstitutional Bill Introduced As Members Recite The Constitution In Pledge To Uphold It


I am convinced that these scum sucking, low life, criminals recently elected to our nation’s congress will be after you and me the first chance they get.

These depraved beings have no knowledge of the America I grew up in. The America that had a heart and a soul and believed in freedom.  Not these heartless cowardly putrid foul minded want-to-be dictators.  They hate anyone, you, me, Latinos, gays, blacks, liberals, and everyone that disagrees with them.  Do not think that they will stop once they are successful in removing citizenship from one group of people they hate.  Then they will pursue their next target. Me perhaps, maybe you, perhaps anyone that does not pledge support to their policies.  I don’t know who, but I can assure you that people with the kind of diabolical thinking that leads them to this action will not be content with stopping there.

One Party Of Crooks Looks Just Like The Other Party Of Crooks

December 12, 2010

No Charges Filed in Bush-Era Firing of David Iglesias, Other U.S. Attorneys
Prosecutors have declined to file charges against members of George W. Bush’s Justice Department in the firing of U.S. attorneys in 2006, saying while the actions were inappropriately political, they were not criminal.
See —> here.

My opinion is that this is just one set of political hacks scratching the backs of a different set of political hacks.  These are the same kind of scum bag political hacks in fancy suits just from a different political party that have decided that ANYTHING they do will NEVER be considered a crime. (They did that just in case someone discovers what they have been up to in the short time they will be in power.)   

I would love to see the citizens of our country arrest and send every politician, their lawyers and all of their close associates to a maximum security prison and total isolation for the rest of their lives and leave their bodies there to rot for another 100 years.

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed the sadist Michael Vick to a contract.

August 13, 2009

Yes folks, there is much money to be made torturing dogs.  Today the Eagles hereafter to be known as “The Evils” have agreed to put the sadist Michael Vick  on their roster.  They have signed a contract with him.  He will earn lots and lots of money for torturing and killing dogs.

There is only only one way for the public to protest this and that is to boycott the networks that broadcast NFL games.  Boycott them, write their advertisers and promise to boycott them and continue that until the NFL discovers they are losing revenue because of this sadistic cretin.  Don’t show up at the parks, don’t buy their food and drinks. Money talks and unless we all do something this sadist will soon have millions of dollars. Next time he brutalizes something there is a good chance it will be a human and not an animal. But because he is also a coward, his next time will most likely be a female human or a child.  He has learned his lesson though, he will be much more cautious and we may never find out about his next time. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to him earning a living.  There are lots and lots of public toilets that need cleaning on a daily basis and that is a job equal to the kind of person he is.



This female pit pull was seized from Michael Vick’s property, along with 51 others. 
(The Humane Society of the United States)


June 10, 2009


Lawyers for a Catholic advocacy group that sued San Francisco for condemning the Vatican’s policy on same-sex adoptions are comparing the city’s supervisors to Nazis laying the groundwork for the slaughter of Jews.    San Francisco Sentinel


The Catholic Church knows a lot about the Nazis since their church led by their Pope at the time, Pious XII, did nothing to prevent, halt or mitigate  the holocaust that cost the lives of six million Jewish people.   The Catholic Church did not mind a bit that men, women and children of all ages were brutalized and murdered by the Nazis.   The Catholic Church simply saw this as an opportunity to eradicate the Jewish people and an competing religion.  In fact there is strong evidence to demonstrate that the Catholic Church cooperated with the Nazis.   More so, the current Pope, Benedict XVI himself joined the Hitler Youth.   Yup, the Catholic Church knows a lot about the Nazis.

The Catholic Church, protectors and encouragers of pedophiles, now want to prevent loving and caring individuals from adopting and rearing children.  Why?  The gender of these adoptive parents is not the real issue.  The real reason is that too many of these adoptive parents are of an opposing religion or no religion at all.   Thus, having those children reared by loving and caring non-Catholics would result in fewer Catholics in the world.   Fewer Catholics will dramatically reduce the Catholic Church’s income.  And let no one forget how important income is to all religions because money is how religions count souls.

Wanted for Solicitation of Murder – Bill O’Reilly

June 2, 2009

Now that is a headline I would truly love to see.


Bill OReilly Wanted For Murder


I will donate $50 to Planned Parenthood in the name of the individual that makes a citizens arrest of O’Reilly for solicitation of the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

I will double my contribution to Planned Parenthood when O’Reilly is convicted.

Suspect in custody in abortion doc slaying

May 31, 2009


Prominent late-term abortion provider George Tiller was shot and killed Sunday in a church where he was serving as an usher, his attorney said. The gunman fled but a city official said a suspect is in custody.

Anti-abortion groups denounced the shooting and stressed that they support only nonviolent protest.

"We are shocked at this morning’s disturbing news that Mr. Tiller was gunned down," Troy Newman, Operation Rescue’s president, said in a statement. "Operation Rescue has worked for years through peaceful, legal means, and through the proper channels to see him brought to justice. We denounce vigilantism and the cowardly act that took place this morning."      EarthLink – Top News

These are the typical “politically correct” comments that frequently come from the criminal abetting anti-abortion community.  I watch the news and I witness the protests by their groups and I see that the vast majority of these murdering criminal bastards come from within their organizations.  Public statements like those above are simply fluff for public consumption.  I believe that privately the anti-abortion leadership encourages directly or indirectly the kind of premeditated murder that the citizens of Wichita witnessed today.

Muslims want tangible change on Mideast from Obama

May 31, 2009


Respect for Islam, a prescription for Palestinian statehood and assurances of a speedy U.S. pullout from Iraq — that’s what Muslims from Morocco to Malaysia want to hear from President Barack Obama this week when he addresses them from this Arab capital.   Yahoo! News

I have little respect for any religion, especially one that whose leaders and followers both historically and currently call for the death of those that do not follow their superstitious beliefs.  Muslims have been so indoctrinated into killing other humans that they regularly kill each other just because the other is of a different sect or tribe.  And just about every other Muslim leader has their own sect or tribe.   Respect for Muslims, hardly!  These are people that show absolutely no respect for anyone else and the only reason our and other governments give them any deference is because of politics and certainly not because they are the kinds of people that have earned respect because of their humanity toward others.  They show no respect for others and in fact have repeatedly strived for the complete eradication of other peoples and religions.   Governments may fear them because of their numbers and cruelty, but they have never been entitled to respect.

The change that needs to happen in the Mideast and Fareast must come from Muslim’s themselves.  When Muslims change into respectful human beings, learn the art of compromise, acknowledge and support the humanity of all other humans then they will have earned the respect they now demand.

Admittedly, there are some small percent of the Muslim world, especially in the western world, that do not conform at all to the stereotype I have drawn in my first paragraph.  But, in my estimation if the Mideast and Fareast Muslims had their way, these Western Muslims would be eradicated well before anyone else.

Obama reaffirms support for CIA

April 20, 2009


US President Barack Obama has told the CIA it remains key to protecting the country, days after releasing memos on its harsh interrogation techniques.   BBC NEWS

Left unsaid was the fact that the CIA can now be assured that the justice system will completely bypass them.  That message was delivered when President Obama announced this week that the CIA could get away with torture. 

President Obama obviously does not understand that slimy torturing sadists need to be punished regardless of their country of origin.  I can only hope that Spain or some other humanitarian country will prosecute these sadists because it is very clear that our government participated in the tortures at the highest level and is protecting those involved.

Yes, I am positive that George  “The Torturer” Bush ordered all of this.  I wonder how many orgasms he had when viewing the films he probably saw of the tortures. A bunch of sick fucking sadists are he, Cheney and the rest that were involved. 

Barack Obama Defies International Law

April 19, 2009

An interview with the United Nations Rapporteur for Torture, concerning President Obama’s amnesty for CIA agents, appears in the print edition of a Vienna Austria publication, Der Standard.  Jack M. Balkin has translated the interview into English

Standard: In other words, by making this announcement, Obama has violated international law?

Nowak: Correct. It is a violation of binding international treaty law in this case, because this is an international law convention – and it provides unequivocally that states are not merely obligated to make torture a crime, but also to prosecute any incidents of which credible evidence can be found.   Balkinization

Why is it that America’s leaders, regardless of their party affiliation, demand that other nations adhere to International Law and yet continue to flaunt their own distain for it?   Do these political representatives of ours care at all about international law?  I think not.  But I do think that they as leaders of our country are protecting their predecessors from criminal prosecution simply so that they themselves will be protected by their successors.

Yes, I think that they all initiate and encourage criminal acts if they believe it will benefit them during their term in office.  I fully suspect that Obama has already ordered or encouraged something of a criminal nature.  Oh, everyone thinks Obama is so much better than George “The Torturer” Bush in that area, but to my thinking the differences probably are only a few degrees of magnitude and not that Bush did and Obama doesn’t.  Otherwise he would be at the forefront to expose and appropriately punish those that were involved.


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