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Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, one of his statements is an outright lie.

January 19, 2011

The newly elected governor of Alabama is a lying sack of putrid crap.  To see that for yourself, all you have to do is read his two statements highlighted below in red.  In my opinion Bentley, your typically evil stinking pile of rat shit decadent religious prejudice told us the truth in his first statement and has lied through his teeth since then. Expect nothing but more lies and deceit from this fundamentalist bigot until Alabama regains its sanity and elects a civilized decent American. Clearly, he is totally devoid of tolerance of others, the basic human rights of people and lacks any semblance of civic responsibility.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley told a church crowd just moments into his new administration that those who have not accepted Jesus as their savior are not his brothers and sisters,


Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley apologized Wednesday for his inauguration day remarks about only Christians being his brothers and sisters and said he would work over the next four years for people of all faiths and colors. "If anyone from other religions felt disenfranchised by the language, I want to say I am sorry. I am sorry if I offended anyone in any way,"


Yes he probably is sorry (for the uproar and bad publicity), but I fully expect him to continue to offend and disenfranchise those who he feels are NOT his brothers and sisters.


Wanted for Solicitation of Murder – Bill O’Reilly

June 2, 2009

Now that is a headline I would truly love to see.


Bill OReilly Wanted For Murder


I will donate $50 to Planned Parenthood in the name of the individual that makes a citizens arrest of O’Reilly for solicitation of the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

I will double my contribution to Planned Parenthood when O’Reilly is convicted.

Muslims want tangible change on Mideast from Obama

May 31, 2009


Respect for Islam, a prescription for Palestinian statehood and assurances of a speedy U.S. pullout from Iraq — that’s what Muslims from Morocco to Malaysia want to hear from President Barack Obama this week when he addresses them from this Arab capital.   Yahoo! News

I have little respect for any religion, especially one that whose leaders and followers both historically and currently call for the death of those that do not follow their superstitious beliefs.  Muslims have been so indoctrinated into killing other humans that they regularly kill each other just because the other is of a different sect or tribe.  And just about every other Muslim leader has their own sect or tribe.   Respect for Muslims, hardly!  These are people that show absolutely no respect for anyone else and the only reason our and other governments give them any deference is because of politics and certainly not because they are the kinds of people that have earned respect because of their humanity toward others.  They show no respect for others and in fact have repeatedly strived for the complete eradication of other peoples and religions.   Governments may fear them because of their numbers and cruelty, but they have never been entitled to respect.

The change that needs to happen in the Mideast and Fareast must come from Muslim’s themselves.  When Muslims change into respectful human beings, learn the art of compromise, acknowledge and support the humanity of all other humans then they will have earned the respect they now demand.

Admittedly, there are some small percent of the Muslim world, especially in the western world, that do not conform at all to the stereotype I have drawn in my first paragraph.  But, in my estimation if the Mideast and Fareast Muslims had their way, these Western Muslims would be eradicated well before anyone else.

Barack Obama Defies International Law

April 19, 2009

An interview with the United Nations Rapporteur for Torture, concerning President Obama’s amnesty for CIA agents, appears in the print edition of a Vienna Austria publication, Der Standard.  Jack M. Balkin has translated the interview into English

Standard: In other words, by making this announcement, Obama has violated international law?

Nowak: Correct. It is a violation of binding international treaty law in this case, because this is an international law convention – and it provides unequivocally that states are not merely obligated to make torture a crime, but also to prosecute any incidents of which credible evidence can be found.   Balkinization

Why is it that America’s leaders, regardless of their party affiliation, demand that other nations adhere to International Law and yet continue to flaunt their own distain for it?   Do these political representatives of ours care at all about international law?  I think not.  But I do think that they as leaders of our country are protecting their predecessors from criminal prosecution simply so that they themselves will be protected by their successors.

Yes, I think that they all initiate and encourage criminal acts if they believe it will benefit them during their term in office.  I fully suspect that Obama has already ordered or encouraged something of a criminal nature.  Oh, everyone thinks Obama is so much better than George “The Torturer” Bush in that area, but to my thinking the differences probably are only a few degrees of magnitude and not that Bush did and Obama doesn’t.  Otherwise he would be at the forefront to expose and appropriately punish those that were involved.


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Republicans Hoping for Failure

March 10, 2009

The top Republican in the House is seizing on the latest spike in unemployment to call for a freeze on government spending and to urge President Barack Obama to veto a $410 billion spending bill.

While Rush Limbaugh is openly hoping for the failure of our government the rest of the Republican leadership is actively calling for measures that will indeed doom this administration and our citizens.

Why?  Because the Republicans are not interested in the success of America, they only are interested in regaining control of the government so they may resume the destruction of democracy and finally install the Republican police state that was almost achieved by George “The Torturer” Bush.

They do not care for the citizens of our country.  Their true interest is to create a country governed by a small family of their “elite” leaders.  They use all sorts of trickery to draw the support of people that will be strewn by the wayside once their Republican “State” is achieved. The NRA will disappear entirely once the Republican goal is achieved.  They will have no need of an armed citizenry.  Their right wing religious fundamental supporters will also be discarded because the only religion they are interested in will be the one their “elite” define.

Hoping for failure? Not only hoping for it, in my opinion they are actively pursuing it!

These are the people that we have hired to fight our wars

January 7, 2009


WASHINGTON – The Army said Wednesday that 7,000 family members of soldiers killed in the Iraq or Afghan wars mistakenly were sent letters addressing them as "John Doe."

I for one am not the least bit surprised at their incompetency. 

From the top down, our military services are being called upon, not to defend our homeland, but to play political games at the expense of many lives, their own and those of the peoples whose homelands we are invading.  Deep down everyone knows that and so they contribute their least.

Then who suffers the consequences? The poor unlucky solider in harms way and in this case their families. Their issues are largely ignored by the the vast unwieldy bureaucracy of the defense department and disinterest by our politicians. They are badly supported at every juncture and tossed away when they no longer serve their purpose.  


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No charges likely

November 18, 2008


Barack Obama’s incoming administration is unlikely to bring criminal charges against government officials who authorized or engaged in harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists during the George W. Bush presidency. Obama, who has criticized the use of torture, is being urged by some constitutional scholars and human rights groups to investigate possible war crimes by the Bush administration.

Two Obama advisers said there’s little — if any — chance that the incoming president’s Justice Department will go after anyone involved in authorizing or carrying out interrogations that provoked worldwide outrage. Yahoo! News

WTF! If I wanted a whitewash of the murdering torturing criminal Bush administration I would have voted for f**king McCain.  This is bull shit and if Barack Obama and the Democrats are not going to punish these torturing bastards then hopefully some decent brave patriotic American citizens group will step up to the plate and do it for them. Come on ACLU!  But I fear they would likely to lose if they have to battle with both the Republicans and Democrats encouraging murder, torture and the ruin of America.

I voted for Barack Obama because he promised change.  This is NOT change, this is criminal! 

The Monumental Ego of Politicians – Sarah Palin example

October 5, 2008

Early in the Vice Presidential debate, after Governor Palin avoided answering any of the questions posed to her, Senator Biden pointed this out and asked her to respond to those questions. She then responded to him: "I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear". She then went on to talk down to those watching the debate, providing frequent winks fraught with sexual innuendo, weaving folksy personal stories, packaged ten word responses, and praise for her running mate, but no meaningful answers to questions.

Governor Palin, this was the only vice presidential debate that we Americans can use to help us make our decision on which ticket will claim our vote in November. The moderator was asking questions that were not made up by her but which had been condensed by the organizing committee from all of the communications they had received from everyday Americans like myself. Consequently I and all other Americans know that this debate was for us and not for you Governor Palin.

Your monumental ego in thinking that we Americans would place your interests above ours is exactly the reason that the vast majority of Americans despise politicians that exhibit that kind of self important attitude. The debate that you just participated in Madam Governor was for the American people and not yourself. You disgraced yourself in the eyes of many Americans and lost a lot of support for your ticket because you made the debate about Sarah Palin and not about America.

I Volunteer for the Task

October 2, 2008

McCain laments selection of Ifill

Hours ahead of the vice presidential debate, Sen John McCain (R-Ariz.) criticized the selection of PBS’s Gwen Ifill as moderator because she is writing a book called "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama."    Yahoo! News

Here is the deal, I have objections to both political parties and have not yet determined who I will vote for.  So I am putting my reputation on the line and declaring that I, Ronald Hager of Eagle Point, Oregon, will moderate tonight’s debate. I will ask questions that the Average American would like to have these two Vice-Presidential candidates answer. Perhaps their answers will finally allow me and other undecided voters to resolve which party is entitled to their vote.

I am in the phone book should Senator McCain desire to quit bitching and solve this moderator issue he just made up.