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Scrotum Lament

February 20, 2007

In response to politicians, conservatives, religious fanatics, and other idiots for their protests of the Newberry Award, I present an original poem by the family poet.  I love her style.

Ten year olds say, “I gotta go pee.”
Farts, they love to denote’em.
We gift them violent games to play,
But we’ll never let them read “scrotum.”

Crooked and dumb politicians on news–
We’ll let the ten year olds vote’em
And dress as actors “on the make”
But resolve they will never read “scrotum.”

Dictionaries, anatomy tomes–
Libraries will surely demote’em.
Kids might see those scurrilous words
Like abdomen, thorax, and… scrotum.

We say “breasts, tits, hooters, and boobs”
And marvel when ten year olds tote’em,
But how could we EVER give an award
To a book that uses the term “scrotum”!!!!