I am a 73 year old white American. I look and sound like your standard white American. But I am not. I have 5 daughters, and 2 sons. Between them they have 3 mothers and 4 fathers. There are 2 religions and some atheists among them. One of them is black. The spouse of one is of Hispanic descent. One of my children lives an alternative life style and is openly gay. For 6 years, I was a single parent and raised 3 of my children alone. My family has had crosses burned on our front lawn on two separate occasions. Once when we brought home our adopted 6 week old black son and again 18 months later. One of my children was murdered. I am hardly your average white guy. I am repulsed by bigotry of all sorts and believe in civil rights, human rights, justice, freedom, tolerance, common sense, decency for all humans.

It does not bother me that people believe in a god or two, but I am very opposed to religion.

I am a anarchist-conservative-liberal.  So, depending on the topic I may be anywhere on the compass.  So don’t be surprised and for sure don’t always expect where I might stand on a topic.   Well, except for the topic of superstition.  In that case I am very much an atheist.  I do not believe in demons, devils, angels, gods, spirits, etc.  Consequently, that part of my personality may find its way into any topic.

The heading art is by Jessica Roberson, courtesy of Racquel.


One Response to “About”

  1. Will Says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the comment you posted to my blog about Wabeno. Never in a million years did I think I would get a hit from someone I didn’t know about that tiny little town. I haven’t lived there for 25 years, but my parents still do. I get back for visits, but will never move back to live. I don’t regret growing up 6 miles outside of the town, but couldn’t do it again now.

    You sound like an interesting fellow, who has experienced many facets of life over the years. I commend you on being as open to the diversity that appears to be a part of your family. Not many people are that open minded. We could use a few more people like you in the world.

    Take care!!


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