One Party Of Crooks Looks Just Like The Other Party Of Crooks

No Charges Filed in Bush-Era Firing of David Iglesias, Other U.S. Attorneys
Prosecutors have declined to file charges against members of George W. Bush’s Justice Department in the firing of U.S. attorneys in 2006, saying while the actions were inappropriately political, they were not criminal.
See —> here.

My opinion is that this is just one set of political hacks scratching the backs of a different set of political hacks.  These are the same kind of scum bag political hacks in fancy suits just from a different political party that have decided that ANYTHING they do will NEVER be considered a crime. (They did that just in case someone discovers what they have been up to in the short time they will be in power.)   

I would love to see the citizens of our country arrest and send every politician, their lawyers and all of their close associates to a maximum security prison and total isolation for the rest of their lives and leave their bodies there to rot for another 100 years.


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