I Am Not Very Optimistic.

I think of myself as a very conservative person and my conservatism places me in direct opposition with the vast majority of the political conservatives of today.  For example, I own a little over 20 acres in the foothills of the cascades on the way to Crater Lake National Park.  On my property I nurture a small forest of Douglas Firs, Ponderosa Pines, a few Cedars, a few Pacific Madrone trees, some Oregon White Oaks, a costal Redwood, and some other yet unidentified trees.  These are valuable trees as they protect and conserve the soil, they protect and conserve the water table, they protect and conserve the wildlife of the area, and they protect and conserve the beauty of the area. None of that is anything that political conservatives are the least bit interested in.  I know this since I have survived lived through a number of politically conservative administrations of our federal government and witnessed how they have routinely decimated the natural resources of our planet.  They care naught for anything in this world but money and everything else takes a back seat.  They have created huge corporations whose sole purpose is to create more money for their owners.  They have given these huge corporations incredible power and authority over the day to day lives of people the world over.

Further, these huge corporations control the information that reaches the average citizen on a daily basis.  That control allows these huge corporate money grabbing institutions to subtly manage the thoughts and perceptions of those average citizens.  That is why so many people with little or no financial resources passionately support the goals and ideals of the incredibly wealthy political conservatives.  Unable to think for themselves they fervently grasp onto the rhetoric of political conservatism and blindly vomit the rhetoric, agenda and arguments espoused by their masters.  They have effectively been brainwashed.  I have seen this even within my own family with individuals whom I love and yet fear because of their fervent, passionate and vicious support of political conservatism. 

I fear because I have witnessed too often in my life when opponents of political conservatism have been brutally slain by one of these fervent, passionate and vicious political conservatives.  The rising tone of their rhetoric reminds me of similar rising tones of rhetoric preceding the assassinations of others in opposition to political conservatism.  These politically conservative people seem to thrive on hate, they glorify others that routinely broadcast that hatred and yet deny that their words and actions reflect any kind of hatred.  What saddens me most is I can think of nothing that will effectively counter that hatred and alter the behavior and thinking of these individuals.  I am not very optimistic about the future.


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