The Philadelphia Eagles have signed the sadist Michael Vick to a contract.

Yes folks, there is much money to be made torturing dogs.  Today the Eagles hereafter to be known as “The Evils” have agreed to put the sadist Michael Vick  on their roster.  They have signed a contract with him.  He will earn lots and lots of money for torturing and killing dogs.

There is only only one way for the public to protest this and that is to boycott the networks that broadcast NFL games.  Boycott them, write their advertisers and promise to boycott them and continue that until the NFL discovers they are losing revenue because of this sadistic cretin.  Don’t show up at the parks, don’t buy their food and drinks. Money talks and unless we all do something this sadist will soon have millions of dollars. Next time he brutalizes something there is a good chance it will be a human and not an animal. But because he is also a coward, his next time will most likely be a female human or a child.  He has learned his lesson though, he will be much more cautious and we may never find out about his next time. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to him earning a living.  There are lots and lots of public toilets that need cleaning on a daily basis and that is a job equal to the kind of person he is.



This female pit pull was seized from Michael Vick’s property, along with 51 others. 
(The Humane Society of the United States)


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