Barack Obama Defies International Law

An interview with the United Nations Rapporteur for Torture, concerning President Obama’s amnesty for CIA agents, appears in the print edition of a Vienna Austria publication, Der Standard.  Jack M. Balkin has translated the interview into English

Standard: In other words, by making this announcement, Obama has violated international law?

Nowak: Correct. It is a violation of binding international treaty law in this case, because this is an international law convention – and it provides unequivocally that states are not merely obligated to make torture a crime, but also to prosecute any incidents of which credible evidence can be found.   Balkinization

Why is it that America’s leaders, regardless of their party affiliation, demand that other nations adhere to International Law and yet continue to flaunt their own distain for it?   Do these political representatives of ours care at all about international law?  I think not.  But I do think that they as leaders of our country are protecting their predecessors from criminal prosecution simply so that they themselves will be protected by their successors.

Yes, I think that they all initiate and encourage criminal acts if they believe it will benefit them during their term in office.  I fully suspect that Obama has already ordered or encouraged something of a criminal nature.  Oh, everyone thinks Obama is so much better than George “The Torturer” Bush in that area, but to my thinking the differences probably are only a few degrees of magnitude and not that Bush did and Obama doesn’t.  Otherwise he would be at the forefront to expose and appropriately punish those that were involved.


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