Republicans Hoping for Failure

The top Republican in the House is seizing on the latest spike in unemployment to call for a freeze on government spending and to urge President Barack Obama to veto a $410 billion spending bill.

While Rush Limbaugh is openly hoping for the failure of our government the rest of the Republican leadership is actively calling for measures that will indeed doom this administration and our citizens.

Why?  Because the Republicans are not interested in the success of America, they only are interested in regaining control of the government so they may resume the destruction of democracy and finally install the Republican police state that was almost achieved by George “The Torturer” Bush.

They do not care for the citizens of our country.  Their true interest is to create a country governed by a small family of their “elite” leaders.  They use all sorts of trickery to draw the support of people that will be strewn by the wayside once their Republican “State” is achieved. The NRA will disappear entirely once the Republican goal is achieved.  They will have no need of an armed citizenry.  Their right wing religious fundamental supporters will also be discarded because the only religion they are interested in will be the one their “elite” define.

Hoping for failure? Not only hoping for it, in my opinion they are actively pursuing it!


2 Responses to “Republicans Hoping for Failure”

  1. JakeD Says:

    Didn’t YOU hope for failure re: the Republican police state that was almost achieved by George “The Torturer” Bush?

    • Ron Says:

      Jake, of course I wanted that despicable program to fail and am still opposed to many of its elements that are still in effect. However, unlike those of the “Un-loyal Opposition”, I never wanted our government to fail. I would have been delighted if in fact “Mission Accomplished” had actually been the end of the “War On Terror”. I would have cheered if the goals of that “War On Terror” had actually been achieved and Osama bin Laden had been captured and tried etc, etc etc.

      That is hardly true of the “Un-loyal Opposition” of the vast majority of the Republicans in office today. They seek and are directly working for the failure of our governments domestic programs. Programs that are specifically designed to benefit the vast majority of American Citizens.

      Why do they do this? Because they are more interested in their political agenda and wealth than they are in the health, safety, and prosperity of the vast majority of America’s citizens.

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