Playing Nice With the Republicans.

I simply do not understand bending over backward to accommodate the conservatives. For 8 horrid years they all declined to give any form of respect to liberals.  They supported every criminal act of the Bush administration while calling liberals vile names and accusing us of treason. What is more, I fully expect every last one of them to immediately do the same thing when they return to office someday. They have only one goal and that is genocide of the liberals, not accommodation.

Their actions, every time they have been in office or out, clearly demonstrate that they fully believe that only liberals should be bi-partisan and accommodating.  Doubt my word, look at the past 8 years and then go further back and review how the Newt Gingrich lead congress treated liberals. Ah, now you see.  They treated us like they always do, to them we are not just wrong, but we support terrorists and are treasonous and they will scorn, damn and abuse us at every turn.

Back in 1978 Newt speaking to the College Republicans said; “I think that one of the great problems we have in the Republican Party is that we don’t encourage you to be nasty.”

In the intervening years, Newt and his fellow conservatives certainly have corrected that great problem for conservatives. Nasty is now what they always are, well except when they are in public telling liberals to be bi-partisan and accommodating. Then they retire from the public eye and chuckle at the deception they have created.

President Obama will learn, perhaps not too late, that his efforts to accommodate the conservatives will only result in a worsening of America’s economic status, democratic ideals, social fabric, and international influence.


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