These are the people that we have hired to fight our wars


WASHINGTON – The Army said Wednesday that 7,000 family members of soldiers killed in the Iraq or Afghan wars mistakenly were sent letters addressing them as "John Doe."

I for one am not the least bit surprised at their incompetency. 

From the top down, our military services are being called upon, not to defend our homeland, but to play political games at the expense of many lives, their own and those of the peoples whose homelands we are invading.  Deep down everyone knows that and so they contribute their least.

Then who suffers the consequences? The poor unlucky solider in harms way and in this case their families. Their issues are largely ignored by the the vast unwieldy bureaucracy of the defense department and disinterest by our politicians. They are badly supported at every juncture and tossed away when they no longer serve their purpose.  


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