W Ketchup represents the blood that George “The Torturer” has spilled

I received this in an email from my old classmate Gene.

W Ketchup Calls on Obama to Release his Personal Records

Eagle Bridge, NY — October 16, 2008 — Less than three weeks before the election, lingering questions remain about front-runner Barack Obama’s past, including whether he is even constitutionally qualified for office.
Senator Obama says he was born in Hawaii, but he refuses to release a copy of his birth certificate. Prominent Democratic lawyer Philip Berg has sued, claiming that Obama is not a natural born US citizen and therefore not eligible to be President. The campaign has released two digital images of a certificate, one on Obama’s website, and a separate image on Factcheck.org. The first is widely believed to be a forgery, and the second has not been made available for inspection. Commentators have noted that Factcheck.org is supported by the Annenberg Foundation, and Obama was chairman of the Chicago branch of the fund.
Obama spent part of his childhood growing up in Indonesia after his mother married an Indonesian. In his lawsuit, Berg demonstrates that only Indonesian citizens were able to attend school during the years in which Obama was enrolled, and Obama is listed as an Indonesian citizen in his school’s records. Obama would have had to reinstate his American citizenship when he returned to Hawaii; otherwise he would be an undocumented, illegal alien. Obama has not released his Certificate of Citizenship.
Obama is represented in the suit by Joe Sandler, lawyer for the Council of American-Islamic Relations, which has proven links to Islamic terrorists. Instead of releasing the requested documents to the court, Sandler on October 6 asked for delay of discovery until after the election.
Bill Zachary, Chairman of W Ketchup, reacted: “The American people have a right to know the identity of this international man of mystery poised to become our next president. We view conspiracy theories, rightwing and leftwing, with a good deal of skepticism, but it is disturbing that Obama is dragging out a court case that should be simple to resolve – assuming he has nothing to hide.”
Obama’s life grows murkier as it progresses. He has admitted to using cocaine and marijuana in high school, and went on to attend Occidental and Columbia University for his B.A., and then to Harvard Law School. Obama has not released his transcripts, papers or records from any of these academic institutions.
W Ketchup has learned that senior Republicans believe Obama may have indicated his religious status as Muslim at Columbia and Harvard, a possible reason he does not want those records public. Obama has acknowledged benefitting from affirmative action.    W Ketchup

Gene and I have affection for each other in spite of the huge differences between us. I think fondly of him and I believe he does the same for me. An attachment, I think, that goes back to our school days together.

In spite of the fondness we have for each other, we hardly agree on anything.  Gene is a religious fundamentalist and I am an atheist. He is a social conservative and I am a social liberal. I have names for people like him and he has names for folks like me. It is amazing that we get along at all and yet we do.

When Gene sent me the putrid piece of shit above he included a long list of the other recipients of that email. Frustrated by the blatant bigotry, lies and innuendo displayed by this press release, I decided to counter with some information based on facts and truth and mailed several articles to the entire list – this one and this one. I hoped that some of the recipients of our emails would be interested in the truth.

At least two of those were not interested and within a short time I received an email from each. I have reproduced these below in their entirety. 

The facts in the case are that both sides are slinging a whole lot of manure.  Most of it isn’t true.  The rest has few, if any facts to back it up. 
The real question each of us needs to answer is "Who do I feel is best suited to lead the country I call home?" 
When Sarah Palin got the nod, the first thing I did was call my cousin in Fairbanks.  The first thing his wife told me (my cousin was busy butchering a moose) was, "We love her!".  Apparently, Sarah has an 80% approval rating as Governor of Alaska.  Find another elected official that comes anywhere close.
I have heard "dyed in the wool Democrats" say say that they have no choice but vote for McCain.  Some have even compared his rhetoric to that of Adolf Hitler.  I even know a few that consider Obama to be the Anti-Christ.
To be totally honest, I’m worried about the direction McCain would take this country, but Barrack Hussein Obama flat-out scares the hell out of me.
All these things having been said, it’s up to each of us to vote as conscience dictates.  I’ve already done so.  I would encourage everyone to vote early to avoid the long lines on Election  Day.  At least until this country decides to make it a national holiday.  That was the only good idea they ever had in the USSR.

I received that from KK. I have to give him some credit since he seems to have put a modicum of thought into attempting to explain his position.  But, come on, your support for a candidate is based on what others have told you?  Your cousin’s wife loves her and that is all you need? No, not just that, wait, there is more. His other arguments include; democrats voting for McCain, and then he compared Obama to Hitler, and he was the anti-Christ.  Those are not his reasons, those are his excuses for not thinking and they are nothing more than bigotry, lies and innuendo.  They are hardly the result of any form of critical thinking. Sadly this is typical of the illogic used by far too many of McCain supporters.

Buzz off Commie!

I received that from TJ. TJ has no interest in rational thought, explaining his position, defending his thought processes or even attempting to convince you to alter your thinking. TJ just wants a fight. I suspect you do not want to be around TJ when he is drinking or has a weapon in his hands. He probably has achieved much in life through threats and intimidation. I also suspect that unlike KK he does not think that any good idea ever came from the USSR.

Yes, these two indeed do Speak Out Stupid.


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