The Monumental Ego of Politicians – Sarah Palin example

Early in the Vice Presidential debate, after Governor Palin avoided answering any of the questions posed to her, Senator Biden pointed this out and asked her to respond to those questions. She then responded to him: "I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear". She then went on to talk down to those watching the debate, providing frequent winks fraught with sexual innuendo, weaving folksy personal stories, packaged ten word responses, and praise for her running mate, but no meaningful answers to questions.

Governor Palin, this was the only vice presidential debate that we Americans can use to help us make our decision on which ticket will claim our vote in November. The moderator was asking questions that were not made up by her but which had been condensed by the organizing committee from all of the communications they had received from everyday Americans like myself. Consequently I and all other Americans know that this debate was for us and not for you Governor Palin.

Your monumental ego in thinking that we Americans would place your interests above ours is exactly the reason that the vast majority of Americans despise politicians that exhibit that kind of self important attitude. The debate that you just participated in Madam Governor was for the American people and not yourself. You disgraced yourself in the eyes of many Americans and lost a lot of support for your ticket because you made the debate about Sarah Palin and not about America.


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