Oregon school says 4 confessed to Obama effigy

NEWBERG, Ore. – A Christian university in Oregon said Tuesday it has punished four students who confessed to hanging a likeness of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama from a tree on campus.   MSNBC

I moved to Oregon 15 years ago and this entitles me to identify myself as a semi-native. In fact there are very few true native Oregonians here. Those few are the descendents of those that were not slaughtered by the early settlers and the army.

My home state of Oregon is populated with far too many evil. bigoted, hate organizations.  The vast majority of these are religious institutions.  Oregon is very friendly toward religion. We have just about every insane religious sect along with all of the majors and they do very well financially. Drive around the state and observe the well maintained buildings and grounds of any of them and don’t be surprised that there is a school, college or university associated them them. Wealthy, evil, bigoted hate organizations is what they are, and they are teaching the children in this state to hate.

Now don’t get me wrong, they don’t actually preach hate.  Instead what they preach is the ‘evils’ of X, Y, and Z. And they each have their own X, Y and Z that they rail against and challenge their members to slay! And too often those members rise to the challenge as did these 4 students from George Fox University. Believe me, those students did acquire their hate from the atmosphere of their family, peers, and the institution and they slew the ‘evil’ they have been taught to see in Senator Obama.

And the religious faithful here see ‘evil’ just about everywhere.  I have heard epitaphs against those of color, people with accents, the so called ’illegal immigrants’, Californians, anyone non-Christian, gays, foreigners, lesbians, Mexicans, Communists, and the list goes on and on.

And now good old George Fox University has told us that they have effectively punished these students and they are “not pursuing it any further”. To me this is just a slick cover up to protect the asses of the parents and those in charge good name of the university. Hopefully the FBI, ACLU and others will get to the truth of the matter and all of the criminals will be exposed.

And yes, I do believe that my civil rights were violated by this act.


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