Obama is a Good Christian

And that is what makes him dangerous!  I was cautiously optimistic about his presidency until his pronouncement in late June that he would  create a new White House office for the President’s Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships thus expanding the encroachment into our nation’s government of the individual religious beliefs of he and Bush “The Torturer”.  With that announcement, I now view him with disgust.  This well educated, charismatic, handsome, youthful, politician is nothing more than another evangelist out to convert people to his belief.

Oh you people young and old, all of you that have so ardently supported him, prepare for your disillusionment and the tyranny of a government dominated by a religion. And so we slowly join the community of nations controlled or greatly influenced by a religion. Today those governments include Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Israel, Palestine and a number of others. Please note that list is comprised of nations that the vast majority of Americans despise.

The reason we despise them is for their subjugation of their subjects under the dogma of a central religious belief. It is a fact that anyone living in any of those nations with a religious belief other than that sponsored by the government will suffer greatly because of their nonconforming beliefs. Physical threats and the reality of death or serious injury are typical punishments for being “different”.  With the trend of intervention by religion into our government you can expect that same treatment here in America for your descendents should they “differ”.


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