Comment Of The Day

Osage posted the following comment on Another McCain Involved In Bank Collapse? 

Today’s GOP is a freak show of hate-filled sociopaths, immoral religious and social extremists, insecure, overcompensating, irresponsible, dangerously incompetent, war-mongering imperialists and greedy, exploitive corporate anarchists. Just look at the odious and inadequate carnival barkers and snake oil salesmen the Republican Party had competing to be their presidential candidate. Being an Irish Catholic Democrat raised with four younger siblings by an uneducated single mom, I have never agreed with social conservatives, but compared to Bush’s Republican Party Eisenhower’s Republican Party was a liberal bastion of social and economic enlightenment and pluralism. Defending the actions of today’s GOP is advocating ignorance and evil over common sense and common decency. It would be hard to imagine that any presidential administration, Republican or Democrat, could have been as malicious, polarizing, undemocratic, corrupt or destructively pernicious to the founding causes and defining principles of our republic than George W. Bush’s. I am surprised that I am ashamed for the “good” Republicans, only because I couldn’t have imagined how “bad” some Americans were capable of being.

Osage, the sad news is that, being the cynic that I am, I can envision this as only more of the long decline for our nation that began with the evil brain addled Ronald Reagan.  What is worse, with today’s Democratic party firmly planted to the right of Eisenhower there is no end in sight.


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