Beware the Attack of the Bigots

These scum sucking slimy offspring of religious fundamentalists, Aryan brotherhood, volunteer border patrol, conservative right wing, neo-Nazi brethren and other hate based people have reappeared in my part of the universe.

I live in southern Oregon near the city of Medford. On May 26 and again on May 29 a family of mixed racial heritage in the community of West Medford found obscenities and the letters ‘KKK’ burned onto their property.

This is the same city where in 1995 Roxanne Ellis and Michelle Abdill, a lesbian couple, were murdered by the bigot Robert Acremant.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many fine, decent, wonderful humans that live here in Southern Oregon. However, like so much of the rest of America we have an underground of hate that local, state and national authorities simply ignore, hoping it will go away. Meanwhile our local radio, television and newspapers provide a constant stream of people vomiting their hatred toward people of color, atheists, Islam, non-Christian religions and non-white ethnic groups. The hate mongers spew their evil lies about them all including the disgusting lies about “illegal immigration” we see almost daily from the likes of Lou Dobbs and his band of haters.

I am hardly your average white guy. I am a 73 year old white American. I look and sound just like your standard white American. But I am not. I have 5 daughters, and 2 sons. Between them they have 3 mothers and 4 fathers. There are 2 religions and some atheists among them. One of them is black. The spouse of one is of Hispanic descent. One of my children lives an alternative life style and is openly gay. For 6 years, I was a single parent and I had custody and raised 3 of my children alone. My family has had crosses burned on our front lawn on two separate occasions – once when we brought home our adopted 6 week old black son and again 18 months later. One of my children was murdered.  I am repulsed by bigotry of all sorts and believe in civil rights, human rights, justice, freedom, tolerance, common sense, decency for all humans.

That is how I describe myself, but I do not come close to looking like that person. Instead I look like your average old, overweight, white guy with bad teeth and that appearance somehow allows the bigots of the world to approach me with their filth. When I worked in corporate America, co-workers that barely knew me would show up at my cubical or approach me in the hallways or training facility and proceed to tell me their latest vile “joke”. No matter how I responded; mildly, politely or with anger, I was always at fault because they were only “joking”. Sometimes I was confronted repeatedly by the same individual who simply could not understand why I did not find their “jokes” funny. In the early years, when I complained to the Human Resources department I was told that those people were entitled to their opinions and jokes. This occurred long before corporate America discovered that ignoring complaints could cost them huge sums of money. This was when I learned that for my sanity I had to confront these bigots on the spot.

Now our nation is beginning another presidential political campaign and for the first time we have a candidate that like me is not your average white guy except that his appearance in no way mirrors that of your average white guy. Even in the primary campaign, his obvious ethnicity has already brought out the hate groups with their lies and filth about him. I got to experience this last Friday evening.

I went to my local casino to relax and have dinner. Sitting in one of the rooms on a penny slot machine I got a good spin and won $11.00. The lady sitting next to said “congratulations” and I thanked her. About 3 minutes later she got a good spin and I said “nice hit” and she thanked me. Just then the guy next to her hit a big win and we both congratulated him. With that he leaned over to us and said; “Do you know how Obama is going to fix the economy?” Before either the lady or I could say anything he gave us his answer, which I can not remember except that it was offensive and that the “N” word was included.

What happen next is that I lost my temper and screamed at him that I may not look it, but that I was a “N” and I did not take kindly to his bigoted comments.

But what I said and what his reaction was is not the point I want to make. The point of this is to alert decent Americans to expect the same in your part of the country. The bigots are crawling out from their pits of degeneracy and will do whatever evil they can to impede the success of his campaign. The last time this country had liberals having success in the political arena, the haters killed them. Because of the long history of hatred and bigotry I have seen and experienced I am very cynical about the future of this political campaign and his Presidency should he be elected. I for one will stunned but not surprised if attempts are made on Obama and his family.

All I can ask is that if you are a decent person please become active and speak up and challenge bigots every time they confront you with their filth.

Further, I want to alert bigots everywhere that although I do not carry a weapon, simply because I know I would use it on you, there are other decent Americans that may not be as considerate. When the day comes that someone does allow themselves to put you out of your misery, the rest of us will consider that you committed premeditated suicide.


One Response to “Beware the Attack of the Bigots”

  1. Anon Says:

    Interesting, although I don’t think all conservatives are bad people, they’re just people who have their beliefs like liberals have their beleifs, but overall, I agree.

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