Liberals, Conservatives, Talking Heads, and Politics

Conservative? Then the thing to do is to bitch and moan about the liberal media while spinning every nuance of conservative thought in the best possible light – even if the light is a tiny candle on the other side of the moon.

Liberal? Then the thing to do is to rally against the host of conservative talk shows, newspapers, magazines and radio “personalities” while spinning liberal thought in the best possible light – regardless of the lack of shadow that light produces.

Hell, it is hard to tell which group will irritate, frustrate and sicken me more.

Basically I am a liberal person, but I have no truck with the way the two Democratic candidates are campaigning. Hillary began this campaign as the leading candidate with virtually the nomination sewed up. Along comes Barack and defeats her at some of the early caucus’s and now the democratic electorate has been totally upset.  But that could easily be rectified by Barack stepping down for the good of the party and releasing his delegates. Of course he does not do that. Then he gradually over comes her lead and gains his own lead in the delegate count. What happens then? Why all of his supporters immediately call for Hilary to step down for the good of the party.

WTF, where were they when she was ahead? To me, these liberals sound just like the talking heads in the conservative media. All I want is for them to please shut up or talk about important matters. Clearly, people on both sides seem totally interested in winning the election – solving our nation’s problems is the last thing on their minds. They “like” one candidate over the other and will say and do whatever to see that person win. Personally, I don’t “like” any of them that will not work day and night before, during and after the campaign to solve our problems.

Now the campaign is almost over and what are these two candidates debating? Nothing important that is what. Gas taxes, and other meaningless political drivel that is what. Barack who claims he is going to change the political climate of America is doing exactly what all politicians do, picking a political battle over little or nothing. From where I sit, under Barack, there will be no change at all, it will continue to be politics as usual. For Hilary to spend more than 30 seconds on a gas tax initiative is absurd. Without a real meaningful solution to the entire problem the idea, at best, is a passing thought.

Why aren’t they discussing important matters like how they are going to toss Bush “The Torturer” and his band of thieves into jail for his and their criminal acts?  Or how we are going to solve the real economic issues that confront our country? How are we going to repair our country’s infrastructure? How do we deal as a society with the problems of the poor and elderly in America? What are they going to do repair our reputation around the world? How do we get the dollar back as a respected and valuable commodity in the world? How do we integrate immigrants into America without a recurring political uproar?

What I fear is that they have no idea how to accomplish these and the other big questions that must be answered and so they discuss gas taxes and other BS items. They are both politicians and neither has demonstrated the kind of leadership we desperately need.

And what do the liberal and conservative blogs write?  They in fact spin away merrily, willing to take their shot of the day at the opposition, but there is little if any meaningful dialogue. A pox on all of your houses!


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  1. Mike Harmon Says:

    I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

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