Here are More Sick, Evil, Criminal People in the Legal System.

Any person with a grain of decency and common sense will tell you that these prosecutors are criminals aiding and abetting other criminals. And these are the people that we the public expect to protect us from criminals. I am quite sure that these scum are in our legal system in every state and deep into the federal level. They need to be identified and we need to send their asses to jail for a long, long time.


Since 2001, DNA tests have formally exonerated 31 people in Texas, 17 of them in Dallas County, both figures the highest in the U.S.

The state has paid compensation in 45 wrongful conviction cases. At least 22 of them involved prosecutors withholding evidence from the defense, including 19 from the infamous drug case in the Panhandle town of Tulia that were based on the work of a discredited undercover investigator. The other three were in Dallas County.

James Curtis Giles, who was wrongly convicted in a 1982 gang rape after the victim incorrectly picked him from a photo lineup and prosecutors withheld the confession of a co-defendant, said harsh sanctions make sense.

“A crime is a crime,” Giles said. “We’ve got to set an example — prison time or barred from practicing law.”

There’s no law in Texas calling for criminal charges for prosecutors who intentionally withhold evidence. But the Innocence Project of Texas, a nonprofit legal clinic that worked to free many of the Dallas County exonerees, plans to push for it in the session that starts in January.
DA urges sanctions for prosecutors who withhold evidence


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