The Evil Legal Mind Behind the Torture

Torture is a frightening word and yet the leaders of our government not only approve of it, they encourage its use.  If this is not enough to scare you, then I wonder what it is that our government can do to you that will frighten you.

And, please don’t give me the explanation that it won’t happen to you because you are an honest, decent, law abiding person.  I have no doubt that some, if not most, of those tortured by our government were honest, decent and law abiding persons. You are lucky because you just happened to not be on their list – this time around.

Recently, we discovered that John Choon Yoo, a Professor of Law at the U. C. Berkeley School of Law is the legal mind that gave our government permission to torture.  The discovery of Professor Yoo’s role in this horrid, sickening blot on our nation has led to calls for his dismissal at U. C. Berkeley.

In response to those calls for dismissal Dean Christopher Edley, Jr. Professor Yoo’s boss at Berkeley refused to consider Yoo’s dismissal.  The reaction has been as expected – humanists are appalled and sadists are overjoyed.

Over at they wrote Dean Edley Defends War Criminal John Yoo which is hardly a fence straddling title.  But a much more thoughtful and incisive article was authored by Scott Horton titled A Response to Dean Edley.

I took a different approach and wrote Dean Edley my own email, although I really doubt he will see it or even hear of it. After all I am a nobody and Professor Yoo is one of his own staff. Some underling of his will most likely set it aside in the “For Dismissal” pile of emails.  I do hope he is receiving a lot of them.

My email to Dean Edley follows:


Dear Dean Edley

I have read your response to the American Freedom Campaign regarding their call for the dismissal of Professor John Choon Yoo.   

My understanding of your response is that you legally may not, and personally would not, dismiss Professor Yoo or anyone else on your staff for simply stating an opinion.  By that, I understand that regardless of the evilness of their statements and opinions and with no regard for the forum used for those statements and opinions, that you would defend their right to their opinion.  What ever happened to holding persons in responsible positions to a higher standard?

I do agree with you that in America Professor Yoo has the liberty and freedom to express his opinion. Further, I also believe that you have the same freedom as well as the authority to dismiss him, if you choose to exercise that authority. Many Americans have been dismissed for much less. Despite my distaste for your decision regarding his dismissal, I have no recourse but to accept it. 

However, my understanding is that your position and responsibilities provide you with the authority over certain aspects of Professor Yoo’s role and duties at Berkeley.

I believe that you have the authority to deny Professor Yoo access to the students enrolled in your department and you also have the authority to deny Professor Yoo any funding or support beyond which you are legally obligated.   

I believe that Professor Yoo’s actions are evil, immoral, contemptible, and in no way represent the values that have made our nation great.  Therefore I strongly urge you to isolate Professor Yoo and prevent him from receiving funds and from teaching his evil, immoral and un-American ideas to the students of your department. 

I trust this is an option that your standards will allow.


Ronald Hager


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