US: CIA tapes issue not for courts

The Justice Department on Friday urged the federal courts to stay out of the current controversy over the CIA’s public admission that it has destroyed videotapes of aggressive interrogations of terrorist suspects.

“In light of the current inquiries by the political branches into the destruction of the tapes…, it would not be appropriate to institute a judicial inquiry,” the Department told U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy of Washington, D.C.  Such an inquiry is not “needed at all,” it said.      SCOTUSblog

Here is some more Fascism 101.  Bush “The Torturer” desperately wants he and his fascist minions to never have to answer for their criminal acts.  He and they know that they are well on they way to accomplishing this if they can keep it out of the U.S. Court system.  When are the decent people in the Republican and Democratic parties going to stop this evil criminal want-to-be dictator and his ilk?  Folks, don’t for a minute think that all this is going away when Bush “The Torturer” leaves office.  This struggle against he and his kind will continue, mainly because for the past many years too many Americans have been willing to look the other way.


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