Clinton vs Obama vs Edwards vs etc. etc. etc.

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I am a very conservative person in many areas, but when it comes to politics and culture I am pretty darned liberal.  I think that humanitarianism is a very good thing, am a strong supporter of civil rights for all, as a young adult I actively worked for integration, and I encourage tolerance of others.  Yep, I am socially liberal and from that bent, I am also politically liberal and these days a Democrat.

I have family, friends and even fellow bloggers that are very supportive of one candidate over another and are vocal about the negative aspects of the candidates they do not support.  This is what I try to tell them.

“I am totally opposed to any Democrat attacking any other Democrat.  The fundamentalist-right-wing-nut Republicans are the ENEMY and not one of our own.  Yes, it would be great to have an liberal idealist in office, but any Democrat will be better than any of those Republicans.  Attacking our own is exactly what the ENEMY would like us to do.    What is the goal – to regain the White House, Congress and hopefully the Supreme Court or to have a blood feud?  

Hell, contribute money to all of Democrats.

Actually, I will actively work and contribute money to any candidate with an “if elected’ promise that includes having an open investigation into all of the criminal acts of Bush and company.  But I fear; 1) that not a one of them will make that promise and 2) regardless of who is elected, an investigation will never happen.”


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