This Commercial Bought and Paid for by the Criminals in the Republican Party

Contrary to his image, Karl Rove isn’t a humorless, Darth Vader-like figure hovering perpetually in the shadows. He actually has a sense of humor and a down-to-earth quality that he parlayed into unparalleled influence as President Bush’s supreme political strategist and a key adviser in many policy areas, from Social Security to immigration.

Rove’s Down-to-Earth Quality Aided a Calculated Strategy – US News and World Report

How disgusting!  With total disregard of the criminal actions and huge loss of life brought about by the actions of Bush’s slimy advisor, Kenneth T. Walsh the author of this commercial reveals himself to be without honor himself and white-washes Rove with a typical nice nice to the criminals in the White House. 

Oh sure, lets pat this filthy imitation of a human being on the back.  Wonderful!  Thank you US News and World Report for showing your true colors – red, red and red – the color of the blood of the thousands of our brave soldiers and the millions of innocent civilians dead or soon to be dead in Iraq, all aided by Rove’s political strategy.

Karl Rove may be down to earth, but In my eyes not nearly deep enough. 


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