Tony Snow demands a change of ‘twisted words’

Wonderful!  This political hack, liar, piece of slime, residue left on toilet paper, and all around puke bucket demands something of a reporter that Tony himself refuses to do:  change his ‘twisted words’.  What is more, Tony the scum that he is does not even identify the words he wants changed.  Well the truth is easy to see.  Tony and the White House have achieved the lowest approval ratings ever.   Someone has to be punished, so who do they choose, certainly not a reporter from one of the major media sources.  What a laugh!  For Tony, who has consistently lied and ‘twisted words’ long before he slithered his way into the White House, to demand that any one else change their ‘twisted words’ is typical for this imitation of a human being.  Oh my, Tony sure does Speak Out Stupid.

White House press secretary Tony Snow took time out from answering questions at Wednesday’s briefing to lecture a veteran reporter on journalism and demand that he change the “twisted words” in an article he had written.   Source:  The Raw Story


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