I Believe that Alberto Gonzales is a Liar, Crook and a Criminal

What can I say good about this horrid little man?  Absolutely not a thing.  He is a disgrace to America and seems to be willing to lie about almost anything.  This rotten scum bag is the highest ranking individual in our justice system.  I would puke if I were anyone else in the system.  I am repulsed and I am not in the system.  

Tonight Anderson Cooper opened his program by announcing that Gonzales celebrated a win with the no confidence vote in the Senate.  A win for Gonzales, Bush and some others in our country, but a huge loss for America and Democracy. 

During the Senate speeches, I heard many Republican Senators Speak Out Stupid and say that the vote before the Senate was a waste of time.  Oh yes, I am sure that many people think the same.  Those people are the fascists in our midst.  The criminals Senators that support this thug deserve to be shunned and ostracized by all American citizens.  But I fear that instead the moneyed interests will probably reward them for their undermining of our great nation.



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