Can we now put away the myth of conservative Republican fiscal responsibility?

When Jon Oberg, a Department of Education researcher, warned in 2003 that student lending companies were improperly collecting hundreds of millions in federal subsidies and suggested how to correct the problem, his supervisor told him to work on something else.

Source: Whistle-Blower on Student Aid Is Vindicated – New York Times

Here is just another in a long series of discoveries about the real conservative Republican agenda.  That is their continuing policy of taking from the middle class and poor and giving to the rich.  They have been in full support of their corporate thugs for far too many years.  When anyone tells you that the conservative Republicans are fiscally responsible, please send them this article.  Oh, and please laugh in their face and call them damn liars.

I do not know where he is now, but I would not be at all shocked to learn that the supervisor, Grover Whitehurst, a political appointee, is already or will next be employed by a rich corporation that does lots of business with our federal government.


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