Public Lies

I didn’t do it!  I’m not a crook! I never had sex with that woman!  God spoke to me!   I am cured of being gay! 

People intent on maintaining a “pure” public image will say anything, tell any lie and repeat it often.   Soon, the lie becomes the truth in their eyes.   (See the related article.)

My opinion is that Ted Haggard is just the latest in a long line of public liars.  His public image has been severely tarnished.  And he and those around him need to do what they can to “restore” that image.

But his closeted gay life and drug usage are not the greatest issue in my eyes.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.  It is the lies he has told to his family, friends and followers that are the massive bulk of the iceberg.  These lies bring pain and suffering to not only those close to him but to all humans.  The lie that homosexuality is a sin is by far the greatest of all. 

This lie has caused the greatest harm to the greatest number of people.  Untold numbers of people have been cruelly slain because this lie is proclaimed by almost every religion on earth.  Ted, without thinking of the damage he does, has repeated this lie almost as a mantra.

And now we hear more lies.  I am cured.  We have cured him   How sick are these people?   Well, they really aren’t.  But they all are very concerned about public image.   Oh, and don’t forget the money.

Ah, yes – the money.  Millions will now pour into the coffers of those that claim they can cure homosexuality.  Not much of this money will come from gays that are out.   They have accepted their sexuality.  Instead the money will mostly come from non-gay people that have been brainwashed by religion that homosexuality is a sin.  They will spend what ever it takes to cure a loved one.  They want to believe that this will happen and so they ignore all the facts and information available and focus on their beliefs. 

Just imagine for a moment, if instead of closeting himself, that early on Ted publicly “came out” about his homosexuality and spoke of it in positive terms from his pulpit.  Where would he be today?  In the eyes of those that hate, he would be vilified as gay.  No loss there because that is probably true now.   But to those that care for him and follow him, he would be a beacon of light in a cruel and hateful world.  Also, I think that perhaps he would not be a drug user.  The issues that led him to drug use may never have arisen then.

The bottom line for me is that when I hear people say that homosexuality can be cured, I will continue to tell them that they speak out stupid.


One Response to “Public Lies”

  1. Racquel Says:

    Thank you for the birthday present. I appreciate you writing this on my b-day!

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