Rationalizing Hate

I doubt that I would be writing this if I thought that people supporting hateful causes actually knew that they were being hateful.   I just don’t want to believe that the vast majority of Americans are devious enough to do that.    Instead, I would rather believe that they Speak Out Stupid because their brains have some sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and they simply can not recognize the insane illogic of their cause.

Just such a cause is that of those opposed to gay marriage.    It sure would be wonderful to understand the twisted logic that leads people to fight against the very roots of their own beliefs.

Here we have people wanting to participate in the mainstream of human life.   They want homes and families and all the trappings of a committed legal partnership with another human.    Oh, and by the way that partner just happens to be of the same gender.

But there are people whose brains have become obsessed with the image of individuals of the same gender having sexual relations, it seems that is all they can think of.   And so to rid themselves of the supposed guilt of those thoughts, they impose their own mental disorder on others and call the openly gay individuals sick.   The major argument they use publicly is that gay marriage will destroy family life.

Wonderful!   This is very twisted thinking.  Somehow they have convinced themselves that people having committed legal relationship, raising children, and contributing to society is a bad thing.

How perverse!   What is worse, there are lots of people who have not reasoned this out for themselves that then buy into this sickness and take up the banner against gay marriage.

Once they have taken up the banner of this bizarre cause, they can not permit themselves to think otherwise.   And so they compulsively fixate on their argument that gay marriage is anti-family.   Or any other argument that fits their cause regardless of any illogic involved.

The rest of America with our culture of being fair and reasonable accept these bizarre arguments as if they made sense.  Instead I encourage fair minded people to respond to people opposed to gay marriage by telling them loud and clear that they Speak Out Stupid.


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