Villain of the Day – Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh has slammed actor Michael J. Fox for “acting” his way through a new campaign ad for his favorite politician. The Parkinson’s Disease sufferer is seen frantically shaking as he urges voters to consider Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill in the TV spot.


My opinion is that Mr. Limbaugh has demonstrated a remarkable lack of knowledge.  Having once been a volunteer for a Parkinson’s charity, I am fully aware of the effects of this devastating disease.  Having watched Mr. Fox in his sitcoms, interviews, testimony, and ads I have seen a wide range of his symptoms.  He has been seen frantically shaking and hardly shaking at all.  I have seen people experience those extremes, but they all took place in a 15 minute conversation.  The director of the charity once told me when discussing the condition:   

“We had some volunteers who had it all the time … bad. They would stuff an envelop and fall off the chair. Get up, stuff another envelop and the involuntary movement will cause them to fall off the chair again.”    

Yes Mr. Limbaugh, That is one hell of an act.




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